Tenterden Tigers Basketball Team !

Tenterden Tigers Basketball Team !

created for: Photobicho Challenge "Games and Sports"

Tiger ~ Polyvore
Background ~ Freebie.

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You wanna do something in life. Put that hard work in. Don’t listen to sheep. De…

You wanna do something in life. Put that hard work in. Don’t listen to sheep. Destroy anything that is in your way. And the most important is BE YOURSELF. #transformation #mylife #2017ismyyear #fitness #basketball #beyourself #stay100 #imback #fitnessmotivation #positivity #doityourself #independent #body #motivation


Kilpatrick Athletic Center

Kilpatrick Athletic Center

Photo by Gregory Cherin

Kilpatrick Athletic Center features 58,000 square feet of top-of-the-line exercise and recreation facilities. The college’s intercollegiate teams—men’s and women’s soccer, basketball, and swimming—train here; and the center is home to the college’s Recreational Athletic Program, a constantly expanding list of competitive and noncompetitive activities designed to stimulate the connection between mind and body. Students complete four programs—from kayaking to karate, fencing to ultimate Frisbee—as part of their graduation requirements. The center is also a vital link to the local community; residents can sign up as members and use the facilities.

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